What Is Spit for Science?

Spit for ScienceTM the VCU Student Survey is an effort led by researchers at VCU to create a university-wide research opportunity for VCU students.

The scientific focus of the project is to understand why some people are more likely than others to develop problems associated with the use of alcohol and other substances, and difficulties with emotional health. The project aims to understand how individual predispositions come together with environmental factors to contribute to these outcomes. 

We know that 1 in 4 people over the age of 18 are affected by substance use or mental health problems. This project is an opportunity for students at VCU to work together with some of the leading researchers in the world to try and understand and prevent these important and widespread problems. We then use the findings from the project to feed back into programming at VCU to benefit our VCU students and community.

Latest News

  • Paid research internship in addiction science in spring 2023: VCU students have the opportunity to delve into research in addiction science by participating in a research fellowship.  Applicants must take the S4S class in fall of 2022 in order to qualify to apply for the internship, which begins in spring 2023. Interested? Contact Dr. Amy Adkins with questions (adkinsae@vcu.edu) or apply now: https://redcap.vcu.edu/surveys/?s=PYDME3YNMP9PT4KH