Working Groups

Spit for Science fosters interdisciplinary and cross-campus collaborations by connecting collaborators with our working groups. These groups span a variety of research topics and are comprised of researchers with similar interests, to help facilitate data utilization and networking opportunities. Current Spit for Science working groups are listed below and there is always room for more to develop, so please contact the S4S Director if you are inspired to start a new working group with us!

Resources Core

Spit for Science ensures our collaborators have resources available so they can fully utilize the data in our registry. In keeping with this goal, we have experts available to consult in several areas listed below. 

  • Data use consultant
  • Statistical modeling consultation
  • Genetics data use consultant


Collaborator Clinics

For new and existing collaborators, we host Collaborator Clinics throughout the academic year. These sessions provide opportunities for collaborators to “drop in” and meet with our data use consultant to learn more about S4S data as well as ask questions they might have.